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Thursday, September 1, 2016

San Francisco made me fall in love with boba. Ever since I moved here, I have never strayed away from my usual order -- Boba Guy's Strawberry Matcha Latte (replaced with almond milk) with Pandan Jelly! Hits the right spot every single time and the taste of pandan never fails to bring me back home :)

Since I'm based in the South Bay where there's no Boba Guys, I decided to make my own version with what I already had in my pantry.

Strawberry purée: 
6 frozen strawberries
Drizzle of agave syrup

Matcha latte:
1.5 cup of homemade almond milk (get it here)
2 tsp organic matcha powder
Drizzle of agave syrup

Unsweetened grass jelly (cubed)
Honey water

1. Purée frozen strawberries, drizzle of agave and a tablespoon of water in food processor.
2. Scoop strawberry purée to the bottom of your jar, add cubed grass jelly* on top. 
3. Mix matcha powder and agave syrup in a small cup with two tablespoons of hot water.
4. Fill the jar with almond milk, add in your matcha mixture and give it a quick stir.
*Cube unsweetened grass jelly and soak in honey water for at least half an hour before use.

Close enough? 

Unlike Boba Guys, you can adjust your strawberry purée to your preferred sweetness. I needed little to no agave because my strawberries were already so sweet. 
And the best part? No queue and long drive required! ;)

Saturday, January 9, 2016

First thing first, these pictures are the result of forgetting to take good shots before I used the product up, so bear with me. 

I made it clear to myself when I arrived in SG last December, the only thing I wanted for Christmas (or better, before) was clear skin.

I was, yet again, suffering from bad breakouts since September due to my fool-proof combination of dehydration + late nights + spicy food, hence I was in the market again for a good mask! This time I didn't go back to my previous HG Mask of Magnaminty as my acnes were quite painful to start with with most of them not 'matured' yet.

Skin Type: 
Combination. Oily T-zone and very dry, flaky cheeks. It felt so much like sandpaper I'm not even kidding.

How I used it: 
1st week: I used it for 5 consecutive days for 20 mins to an hour, until most of my acnes dried up and fell by themselves. To help my skin absorb better and also clear my scars at the same time, I used a peeling gel to gently remove my dead skin cells prior to applying mask about 3x a week.

2nd week: This was when my skin cleared significantly, so I used on alternate days twice. 

3rd week: By this time (Christmas week!), I only had about 2 unsurfaced ones on my forehead, and one on my cheek. Instead of applying on my whole face, I dabbed the mask on problem spots only after moisturizing, leaving it overnight.

This is the amount I have left after 10 full mask in 3 weeks :)

And I was able to doll up happily for Christmas!


It's a lil pricey to get it at S$28.90 in Singapore. But scratch that, no matter you're in UK, US, Australia, Japan, Taiwan or anywhere with Lush really, I highly, highly recommend it. For a single digit price especially in Lush US or Lush UK, it's sooooo worth it. You will not notice any difference after washing off the mask, but when you wake up the next day.. this is what you should expect to see.

This mask is nothing but a wonderful pot full of surprises. Nothing shrinks my pimples better than this bad boy does. My face didn't appear an oil slick like on usual mornings, in fact there was a healthy glow to it. I was really surprised when the usual bumps on my nose (too many blackheads) were gone. Honestly, I haven't came across a product which would clear my blackheads since I was 13, and normally when I splash my face with only water, it turns my face blotchy and red. NOT THIS TIME.

I was simply searching for a product that would shrink my pimples, but I think I've also found the one to:
- calm my sensitive skin
- reduce the redness on my skin (I suffer from rosacea)
- reduce my blackheads (no bumps anymore! I've been having bumpy nose for as long as I could remember)
- improve my skin texture (it's more supple now, and absorbs my moisturizer better)

If my stupid snaps don't motivate you, I don't know what will.

Hope it helps! :) 

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Monday, November 9, 2015

This morning at 8am I received a text from a close friend saying he just touched down in KL. My eyes popped open and I went on my speed dial. Damn. There was no message. It was just a dream.

What started off as a casual chat soon turned into "I've never told you before, but...".

Sounds familiar?


Live like your days are numbered. And it doesn't only mean that you do whatever you want as much as you can, as if it were your last day. It also means you make sure the words that you kept so hidden in your heart for such a long time reaches the person you want to hear them.

Notice how when our acquaintances, a hi-bye friend in high school or a person who sang a song that touched your heart happened to leave the world, that's the time it strikes you. Oh gosh - how I wish I told her how her song brightened up my day. How it made me sleep better at night. How I thought he was such a great friend, brother to those around him. How much happiness X brought to the table when we hung out that one time.

Why do we leave the best part of our memories unsaid, unthanked, unappreciated - til the day it would be too late to reach them, and they wouldn't be able to hear what beautiful words we have to say about them?

It'd be such a shame they can't hear it.

Perhaps in the future they won't remember what you did, but they'll definitely remember how you made them feel.


I believe your closest friend reflects how you are as a person on the inside. Just like how Bradgelina like to put it, "a woman is a mirror of her man". Since I have no man, I'll start with myself. I believe everyone will have something good to say about anyone. There's always something positive about a person, no matter how negative (read: hateful, unpleasant, arrogant...) they appear to you.

Let's play catch up! So this is what we're gonna do. You drop me a message, comment, or an e-mail anytime you see this post, let me show you how grateful I am to have/had you in my life, no matter how small the role you play.

Everyone's invited. Let's not mind if we haven't seen each other for a year, 5 years or even 10. Let's not mind if we just met each other. Let's not mind if you don't like me, or if you already know I might not like you. Try your luck. Trust me, I'll still manage to find something to thank you for. ;)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Putting my platforms and boots aside, I think sneakers. Breathe sneakers. Live sneakers - here's a series of my Monday through Friday situation.

1/ man up

ZARA pinstripe and leggings / LOVISA jewellery 

As you can probably see, I was in a heavy lounging mood upon throwing this outfit. I had the initial thought of pairing this with a pair of nude Deandri Helga but nah, errands are more efficient with a pair of kicks (grins).

2/ gold accents

MDS cropped top / H&M plaid skirt and midi rings / THEWYLDSHOP gold chocker / Shourouk bangle c/o Lyla

Black and gold always remind me of Sam Sparro and his incredibly dapper choreography. One of the very reason which makes it a no-brainer to pick this precious gold shourouk out of many dazzling items Lyla offers. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, this is it!

3/ suspended

ZARA white button-up / Leather skirt from Bugis Street / Suspenders from Carousell

Midweek suspension. Complemented this entire black and white ensemble with a hint of silver and hope - wishbone necklace c/o Xanna Reis. School girl, or is it Halloween appropriate?

4/ simplicity 

H&M mesh top / ZARA jeans / LOVISA jewellery / RAYBAN aviators

I've never been a huge fan of jeans until recently.. especially with them cuffed. Contrast soft mesh with metal hardware, cuff your jeans and throw on a pair of sneakers. Fuss-free!

5/ full on tulle

THE EDITOR'S MARKET top / TUTULEPETITE Kelly grey tulle skirt 

Ever since I received this tulle skirt, my eyes have never shone brighter. There's something about cotton candy-coloured tulle skirts, the same magical feeling Disney gives me. This time I'll lie down and enjoy the fluffiness; next time - I'll twirl.

This post came a little late than I expected, but I hope you liked it! Tell me which is your favourite and how you would style yours :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

We receive the occasional compliments, where, along the way, we pick up some criticism as well. Be it behind our backs or voiced out directly, it all affect us at some point of our lives. Whether you're just starting out or sailing halfway through, there will always be more obstacles. People talking. Time flying.

It happens ever so often that compliments don't stick in our minds - no matter how many times they were given to you. When someone criticizes you, however, that's the only time it'll stick like a glue gun. Why do we practice "listen and go" for compliments so frequently that, we shift every last bit of our energy on negativity instead?

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Pause - I have to get something out of my system.

Back in primary 1-3, I was severely bullied emotionally and I didn't even know it. There was a group of us - 4 of us. I'll always be the last. Always the least significant of them all. Always the one being laughed at.

My sister handmade me a pretty notebook. Next day, my bag was ransacked and notebook was stolen from me. I found it in her bag, was accused of putting there instead.

I wore my favourite pink Hello Kitty dress, was told that I shouldn't dress pretty.

Had a homework due the next day. They took my 3M paper away from me, asked me to photocopy another copy for myself.

My friend's sister told her that 3 of them will grow up pretty. I will not.

Was complimented by my teacher. On Teacher's Day, I was tripped, face planted on the cement floor, chipped my front tooth and went back home with swollen lips.

My parents brought my "friends" and I out for my first birthday party in A&W, I was called a copycat.

Born with monolids, was told I looked like a man because I didn't have an oval face and a mesmerizing pair of double eyelid.

The monolids joke did continue as I stepped into high school, when some would also tease my square jaws and hairy arms. I took the jokes (or not) lightly by then, in an effort to block anything negative related to my personal appearances during my adolescence.

The series of events made me a girl who lost her right to be expressive. The girl who let others decide HOW she should feel. I refrained from wearing shorts and pretty skirts my mom got me for Chinese New Year, and opted for long sleeve shirts and jeans instead. I went everywhere my friends go. I researched profusely on hair removal. I wouldn't voice out my opinions. Heck, I wanted to be friends with them so bad even if I knew they thought I was a joke. I pinned my fringe up and wore a ponytail all the time. I tried to please as many as I could to avoid criticisms. I was afraid to smile because my chipped front tooth will show. I started training basketball at the sunniest hour knowing no one would be there.

But now, that don't matter anymore.

Here's a message I'd really like to put out there.

Stay true to yourself, no matter what people say. Never succumb to peer pressure; because in the end, it will not be worth it. Have your own values and stick to them. If people pleads you to do something you're not comfortable with, say no politely and walk away. Cut negative connections if you have to. Don't try to fit in with a certain group/someone just because they're the insiders. Don't fight with your parents just because they're not getting you your latest Gucci to feed your ego. Don't spend thousands in night clubs just because you want to appear the richest (and with the most girls). Don't social smoke because you feel out of place if you're not doing it. If you ever find yourself feeling weird or socially uncomfortable in situations like this, it is often a wiser choice to walk away rather than doing what they do. Falling into their temptations don't make you look cool in their eyes. From there, they'll only find more ways to have control over YOUR life. Make you do things you may not want to. If your friends truly care, they'll respect your decisions. Never ever let anyone else take over your drivers' seat. Buckle up.

Know your values. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Take a break from socializing if you have to. Walk with the thought that you're never alone. I was indeed very blessed to have my family and seniors to protect me while it lasted. At the end of the day, it all depends on the way we handle it ourselves. As much as verbal or cyber bullies are being ruthlessly thrown at you, they can NEVER hurt you unless you give them a right to. The more you react to them, the more glory they feel. Don't be afraid to fall down alone. Because when you get up, you'll be an entirely different person, a better version of who you were yesterday. Take the leap of faith. Do what you love to do, and get better at it. True friends will be there and be proud for you.

It may be easy to pull the trigger, but it'll never hurt unless you're the one who gets the bullet trapped in you.

Don't bully, and don't be a victim of emotional bully.